In keeping with the common objective of providing the highest possible value for our buyers, all homes to be built are individually approved by the Slayton Ranch Estates Architectural Review Committee prior to the start of construction. Modular homes and "cookie cutter" style homes are prohibited at Slayton Ranch Estates.

Semi Custom homes are currently in various stages of construciton. Please feel free to take this opportunity to visit Slayton Ranch Estates and to contact the builders.

Phase II
Homebuilder List:

Mike Anderson
M&M Homes Inc.
Phone: (928) 526-5693
Cell: (928) 699-2315

Rick Herbel
All Wood Builders LLC
Cell: (928) 699-0342
Phone: (928) 779-1077

Ryan Sandall
Six S Company LLC
Cell: (928) 853-0852
Office: (928) 526-6315

Greg Werth
Silver Pacific Builders LLC
Phone:(928) 853-3917
Fax: (928) 522-8184